faceless magic midget, fist rays, robot sex slave


January 20th, 2002

One of my sisters (kinda vague which one) and I were pulling up to what was supposed to be mom and dad’s new house, I guess. She was talking about how she wanted to get another cat for them and I was arguing that it was a bad idea because the place was full of twisty roads and cats could get run over. We decided that a dog was best, and besides that’s what dad asked for. The neighbourhood had white fences and houses everywhere, but it was just a little odd in that there was a complete lack of order or geometry.

Anyway the sister now solidified as E. The house was empty. I think maybe I was Superman, or some powerful being – because one of my villains, a short faceless man seemingly inspired by that midget masked guy in The Invisibles showed up, and the next thing I knew N had a pin stuck in her head (possibly inspired by The Young Ones, which WN and I were watching yesterday). I pulled it out and he said “Now see the results”. She was kinda screwed up in the head – couldn’t talk and acted all passive – I think he had her under mind control from some chemical or magic in the pin. Maybe this dream was inspired by the convie I had with R [my other sister] yesterday about E and that guy she met at the psycho ward.

I was gonna pound the shit out of the guy, with fist-rays (you point your fist at someone, and it discharges energy that effectively is like punching them, except with an invisible fist-shaped beam projected from your fist rather than moving your fist itself) but they seemed to have little effect, so my fist stretched and contorted and my hand became elongated and tentacle-like, while at the same time being a hand balled into a fist, and I wrapped the tentacle around his head and swung him across the room against the wall, smashing a hole into it, then swung him against another wall, then the ceiling, etc. Good fun.

Then I actually was a superhero, and for some reason I was heading out on a space journey. I think also I might have been the president of Earth. I dunno.

Then I was Megaman. It was the future, but somehow the basement was still the same, only a little different (different geometry). I had a gun for one hand and a metal hand for another. I went out to fight robots but there was this robot chick and it turned out I had a robotic penis that was yellow, god knows why. I tried it out on her, she had a socket for it but it didn’t seem to do anything.

Then I go outside and it’s a 50’s style neighborhood around dinner time with everybody having barbecues and strolling around, seems that nobody is in their actual houses. Then, evil robots show up, and I kill some with my blaster hand. Then another robot shows up, but he’s an angular Gundam/Transformer-style design from the past who traveled forwards in time, possibly a police robot, cuz his design was white and blue. He thought I was evil so he tried to kill me but then some real evil robots show up and we kill them. One was a shark robot.

Then I end up being owned by some rich black chick who makes me have sex with her – thankfully she was young and hot. Kinda ironic, eh? Black woman owns white robot as slave? Well I thought it was. [Sorry.]


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