superhero test, alien brain eggs


Saturday, April 03, 2004 – Part Two

Ok now to more recent matters.

I had a dream about being a superhero. I had Elastic Man powers and had to take some sort of exam alongside 3 or 4 other heroes-in-training. This practical exam each of us chasing down one of 4 or 5 super villains in yellow cars, and bringing them in for our grade. I easily caught mine by catching up with it and then pulling off the bumper of the car, which caused said villain to panic and crash into a lamp post (maybe I’m making that up and there was no crash, he might have just gotten out cuz of the bumper) and I was easily able to subdue him. I thought that because it was so easy, he was just a decoy, so I set out looking again but still carrying him, unconscious. I carried him all the way to what looked like some evening superhero carnival where everyone was part of the hero community, from old men to kids. At this point the man I was carrying had become a coat or some kind of clothes I’d been carrying in my arms, I suppose because I’d momentarily forgotten what was carrying and my mind just selected the most likely thing for my arms in that position (crossed over each other in front of me). I had to maneuver my way through this crowd of caped spandex retards, some of which were fat kids and girls. Saw an elderly superhero on my way to the washroom and told him I liked his logo (it was some sort of rapier-based design, dunno the significance) and asked him his superhero name. He said it was The Vangolier or something like that, some word I didn’t understand. End.

I had this other dream where there was this short, elf-like green chick, some sort of tree nymph or something, who wanted to fuck me. I got on top of her right there in the street and started thrusting but noticed she had some weird patches of hair-like growth on her face (but kinda plantlike). So I had her shave it off, then we broke into some tiny one-room house with walls made of glass so we could fornicate, but the dream ended. Lame on every level.

I slept over at WN’s house after seeing Hell Boy and this dream is slightly inspired by it (it had a monster that laid eggs in it – pretty much the only connection), and I believe the waking up drinking juice falling asleep cycle led to a very episodic dream that seemed to last forever.

My dream last night was about aliens laying eggs in people’s brains. Obviously, this is lethal to people. It also had the side effect of making people want to deny it, either for psychological reasons or because it was mind control somehow. I don’t know if the eggs ever hatched, or if it just turned the people they were laid in into the alien offspring. Either way, it was gross and crazy shit happened.

First off I had the power of super-speed. I had to fight a guy who used bladed cards as weapons – I don’t know why, maybe he was hired by the aliens. He killed someone near me by throwing a dozen or so cards in him, but I in turn killed him by grabbing a card and slicing his own throat. Next, we (me and a team of people, possibly government agents or maybe vigilantes) made a beam that would kill the egg in people’s brains but leave the people alive. Basically the egg would be there but never hatch. I guess eventually they’d have to get removed cuz they’d rot or whatever.

So we traveled from town to town projecting this radiation at people with this satellite dish device. Sometimes they were under mind control and we had to stay hidden for fear of attack, others were normal. The ray had no other effect than what it was intended for – nobody fell unconscious or anything, it was like shining an invisible light on people.

Then we got ahold of a space shuttle and started raying people from orbit. Things after that I don’t really remember or understand too well. Something about a baby being born back in time in midair and having to catch it…? Anyway, I think the story behind the aliens were they had a sister race that they could lay eggs in without hurting, sort of like the female of their race but a different race altogether, not just gender – some sort of mutually beneficial relationship existed that allowed them both to breed. Then that race died out and the aliens gradually went insane, which caused them to attack us to get the job done. We never saw these aliens but I pictured them to be monsters. And their sister race, I pictured featureless yellow monoliths.


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