superhero kids and power reactor sabotage monster


Wednesday, April 14, 2004 – Part One

Another Elastic Man-powered superhero dream. I’m not sure how it started. I was part of a team of super powered kids of various ages, similar to the X-Men but our costumes bore more resemblances to golden age JSA heroes. There was some creature going around disabling reactors. The reactors were in this huge dome shaped room, which was packed with what looked like a sort of surreal cartoony/alien technology. The reactors were these machines and they needed these spheres in them to work. Somehow the monster/creature was removing these spheres. There were about 10 of us heroes investigating the place under the senior guy’s supervision. I remember not being into the investigation much but enjoying laughing at other hero’s costumes and personalities. The ones I’d recognize from comics especially (though thinking back they weren’t from real comics, just from ones I knew in the dream) were a good laugh. We never really saw the creature though.

Then after the mission (it was never really resolved) we went back home. It involved walking across a field of snow. Our headquarters was a huge multi-levelled complex in this odd shaped mountain – it was like a dome of stone rising out of flat landscape. The floors inside were hallways that looped around the circumference of the mountain, with doorways leading into rooms contained within that circle. I was on one of the dorm levels – the dorm rooms were just rows of beds with no privacy walls or curtains. It wasn’t bedtime but a lot of kids there were using the relatively empty dorm rooms as a chance to have sex. I’d follow couples around as they went back to their rooms and watch them fuck. I was really nervous about being spotted so I didn’t get to watch each coupling for very long before I felt I had to leave. I think there was even a lesbian couple of a small blond girl and a tall black one, but I never got to watch them. I think I got this voyeur elements of this dream from the idea I had sometime last night of getting a telescope to spy on neighbors. Probably got that idea from the Sharon Stone movie Sliver.

Then for some reason I went to the higher levels. Maybe I fled there. Anyway when I got there and it was preschool kids or kindergartners or something. Maybe they had powers but I never saw them use ’em. It was gym class. They wanted me to play with them (I guess I was one of the older kids they looked up to) so the coach/teacher/trainer guy let me be a team of my own in dodgeball. I basically slaughtered them with some insane stretching throw powers. The kids wanted revenge, so for round 2 when the balls were being issued (we were playing in a way that isn’t how I remember the game being played btw) the kids had rocks for their team, and fruits for mine, which doesn’t make ANY sense but I guess the idea was that throwing the fruits wouldn’t hurt their team, but the rocks would hurt mine (for some reason I was on a team with other players now, making the revenge pretty ineffective since their own people would be hurt too – plus, the balls switch teams all the time – both of us would get hit with rocks and fruits alike). Anyway to foul their plans I switched the fruits with the rocks (we were circled around a gameboard of a dodgeball court with the respective team’s “balls” on each other’s side of the court) by stretching my arm around everyone’s backs and switching them when people’s attentions were somewhere other than the board. I guess coach noticed because he said “I don’t think that’s a proper choice of balls” for some reason. Then I started putting in random fruits from some girl’s hats and the kids were going crazy trying to make sense of it (they were listing out ball names and what balls each player had out loud and the tone started to change to confused and bewildered). Not sure what happened after that.


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