bank robber house


Sunday, September 15, 2013

I was part of a group of criminals laying low in a house, presumably after a big heist.  The leader was this big white dude with a shaved head (who resembled A. D. (big fat former roommate)).  I also had a sense that maybe we weren’t crooks but mercenaries.  I think at some point he decided to kill the rest of us, possibly to ensure our silence or merely because we were no longer necessary.  Knowing this, I waited for him to enter the house via the sliding back door (I guess he was taking a smoking break) and machine-gunned the back of his shaved head.  It knocked him over but the effect of each bullet was like a BB gun hit, it broke the skin just a little bit.  So the back of his head was littered with little dots of blood.

He was on the ground now.  He did not appear angry, or angrier.  A cat came up to him and he started petting it, talking about cats.  I asked him if he could please not kill the cat once he was done killing us.  He said he wouldn’t.  Other cats approached and cuddled up to him.  I was really glad that the cats would be fine.

Another part of the dream involved seeing a frill-necked lizard in some sort of sandy room or courtyard, approaching it and realizing its frill was prosthetic.  Someone had made a prosthetic frill for the guy!  It fell off and I eventually was able to catch him and reattach it like it was a pair of glasses.  Also in this room were giant spiral shells, and crabs and sea slugs and all kinds of things you’d expect underwater, going about their business fighting for control of the shells so they could use them as homes.

There was also a bit about playing Bubble Bobble, but all the characters were characters from Duck Tales.  In particular I remember one enemy was that South African duck millionaire that McDuck really hates.

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