rebels escape, contact with religious homeworld


The following dream also involved me as a military action type guy on an adventure on a space ship or space station or space base.  I was shooting at henchmen in black metallic armor and bit pointy helmets and then taking their rayguns and using those.  I was rescuing, escorting a group of prisoners.  Giving them guns.

We came across a room full of machine turrets and I started throwing grenades at them.  The grenades kept overshooting, or bouncing off of them and exploding too far away.  Wouldn’t you know, it ended up none of the turrets were even activated. Continue reading

safe room in zombie apocalypse


The first dream involved infiltrating this big house during the evening.  It was a mansion surrounded by large grounds, far away from anywhere.  I was with a woman, and I was some sort of professional.  There were guards and a family living there.  Fortunately due to its size it was rather easy to avoid people’s gaze and hide in dark corners.  I remember watching family members from behind a shelf of laundry.

Our goal was to find the woman’s baby, which the family had.  I don’t know how or why, but they were raising it as their own.  The woman had either hired me or gotten my help through pleading with me.  I may have had my own reasons for being there and found her trying to infiltrate it at the same time. Continue reading

ammo cache in ravine, muppet prison library


On a journey on foot across the countryside with some other men. Post apocalyptic feel.  We came across some rocky terrain, and there was a sudden dip to this ravine, surrounded by cliffs.  There was the wreckage of a large crashed helicopter – lying on its side – but there was something more at the bottom of the ravine.  If you peered over the edge of the ravine you could see some sort of structure about four floors down.  It might have been another craft that had crashed, or a military shelter or base that had been abandoned.  The ravine was steep – unnaturally so, so that the walls may have actually curved almost in the fashion of cliffs in cartoons.   Continue reading