ammo cache in ravine, muppet prison library


On a journey on foot across the countryside with some other men. Post apocalyptic feel.  We came across some rocky terrain, and there was a sudden dip to this ravine, surrounded by cliffs.  There was the wreckage of a large crashed helicopter – lying on its side – but there was something more at the bottom of the ravine.  If you peered over the edge of the ravine you could see some sort of structure about four floors down.  It might have been another craft that had crashed, or a military shelter or base that had been abandoned.  The ravine was steep – unnaturally so, so that the walls may have actually curved almost in the fashion of cliffs in cartoons.  

The consensus of the group was that there’d be good stuff down there, possibly ammo.  Ammo is valuable.  Perhaps we were rebels and we were seeking armaments for our war.  I asked if we’d have to rappel down, but they pointed out a path that led to a slope that curved downwards in the ravine further down the length of the ravine.  There also appeared to be a stone railing along the ravine, I suppose to prevent cars from falling in – must have been a road here once.  As we began our descent, we were attacked. Gunshots came from down the road, vaguely the direction from which we came.  Due to the hilly terrain, I saw their heads emerge from behind the ‘horizon’ over the hill.  There were at least ten but they did not appear at once, and they wore armour.

I had a tiny little luger, but with careful aiming with the sight I was able to pick off a few of them – or maybe my companions did while I missed.  Still more got closer and I took cover behind one of the stone pillars of the railing.  Eventually the last of them got really close and I killed him – but he stumbled close to me, and put this amulet around my neck really slowly before falling down dead.  It felt significant somehow.  The amulet was metal and round and curved on one side and had carvings on it.  It’s possible I then noticed that my companions were also wearing these amulets.  I’m not certain.  I felt like the dying will of an enemy for me to wear it was somehow mystically significant, though.

Anyway we descended the path that curved into the ravine.  From within, the ravine appeared very white and glassy as if made from ice.  No sunlight came within.

This is where the dream switched gears.  It’s possible that the structure in the ravine contained the area in the second part.  So we’re in a prison.  The prison is pretty varied, but generally resembles a massive library, with tall shelves full of really big books, and also magazines and data storage devices.  It is populated by Muppet-like characters, some of which may have been actual Muppet Show/Sesame Street characters.  There may also have been other non-human characters, like animated cartoon characters, but I cannot be certain.

This prison was also a work camp.  Instead of building railroads or cleaning highways or pressing license plates or whatever those guys do, these creatures would read documents, watch films etc and give input on them.  Maybe do research for the production of these things.  There was a dispute going on over the direction that certain projects were taking.  The prisoner puppets – pupprisoners? prisuppets? – were not pleased with the result of their work.  I guess there was this idea that as readers they were also a part of the creative process.


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