rebels escape, contact with religious homeworld


The following dream also involved me as a military action type guy on an adventure on a space ship or space station or space base.  I was shooting at henchmen in black metallic armor and bit pointy helmets and then taking their rayguns and using those.  I was rescuing, escorting a group of prisoners.  Giving them guns.

We came across a room full of machine turrets and I started throwing grenades at them.  The grenades kept overshooting, or bouncing off of them and exploding too far away.  Wouldn’t you know, it ended up none of the turrets were even activated.

None of the prisoners I was escorting seem to have died.  Neither did I, despite the massive amount of laser hits I must have taken, constantly trying to swipe laser rifles from guard’s hands without bothering to kill them first.  I figured I must have been playing easy mode.

We rendezvous’d with some other people, including a commander of the rescue mission, in a machinery section.  I think we were rebels and the enemy was the empire or whatever.  We decided there was no way out but to take the whole ship.  How?  The engineer arrives and says he’ll show us how.  A bunch of bipedal humanoid robots emerge from another chamber.  They are enemy design but are following his lead.  He has reprogrammed them.

We took the ship, killed everyone on it I guess, and headed back to Earth.  One of the people with us was this bald woman (composite of Cassandra and the bald woman from Babylon 5), and I saw her on a communications console in the dark.  I asked her what she was doing.  She said she was sending data from the battle back to what she saw as her homeworld.  It was a sort of religious thing, like Mecca, but also mythical because it was too far outside of range for anyone to go confirm it existed.  It was inhabited by non-human beings called Adama that were suppoesd to be advanced, spiritually and technologically (I had assumed that they were Klendathu for soem reason but I was wrong).  This made me a bit frightened, because the aliens of her faith’s ‘homeworld’ might be our enemies.  She said no, they were peaceful and wanted only the best for us.  I pointed out on her viewscreen – which looked a lot like Starcraft – that there was fighting going on on this homeworld, and that these Adama, though clearly advanced, had not lost the need to build massive weapons and shields and other armaments, that a peaceful advanced race would have no need for, especially in such abundance.  This made her cry.  Girls do that, you know.


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