safe room in zombie apocalypse


The first dream involved infiltrating this big house during the evening.  It was a mansion surrounded by large grounds, far away from anywhere.  I was with a woman, and I was some sort of professional.  There were guards and a family living there.  Fortunately due to its size it was rather easy to avoid people’s gaze and hide in dark corners.  I remember watching family members from behind a shelf of laundry.

Our goal was to find the woman’s baby, which the family had.  I don’t know how or why, but they were raising it as their own.  The woman had either hired me or gotten my help through pleading with me.  I may have had my own reasons for being there and found her trying to infiltrate it at the same time.

Anyway it was evening, as I said, and some rooms did not have their lights turned on, and others had multiple exits, so we had a pretty good amount of manoeuvring room for not getting caught.  The laundry room was just off of a short hall from the kitchen (which sort of reminded me of both Stevie’s parent’s kitchen and their livingroom, composited).  We found a pile of dirty laundry – like an actual massive pile you’d have to wade through to get to the far wall of the laundry room – and she began rubbing it on herself, explaining that it would help prevent the dogs from smelling us.  Seems pretty sound advice.  But then it became clear that we would have to hide in the laundry room and rest.  We buried ourselves under the laundry.  The idea that we would sleep there and continue to search the house as an ongoing multi-day mission was actually plausible to us.  I guess this would also involve stealing food and finding other places to hide and rest on the other floors.  Can you imagine living like that?  Not just behind enemy lines, but inside their house?

So somehow, this situation eventually became the two of us on the landing at the top of the main staircase (one of those big central ones you see in movie mansions, usually the haunted kind, but on a third or fourth floor).  The guards were nowhere to be seen, except maybe a few bodies littering the floor down below.  Who killed them?  Perhaps it was us.  But anyway, a woman from the family was alive with the baby, inside the safe room.  I don’t think I was ever in the safe room, but I know what the inside looked like – it had, ironically, a safe in it!  And a bunch of screens looking everywhere, and an air vent at the back.

Now it turns out, the zombie apocalypse was happening.  So we were caught between a slow trickle of zombies slowly meandering into the mansion and up the stairs, and a safe room that we could not enter with our goal (the baby) inside.

Later, the baby was out with me, and neither my companion lady or the woman from the family were anywhere to be seen.  Fled?  Killed by zombies?  I don’t know.  I sort of assume the baby crawled out through the air vent, but that is just speculation.

Instead of hiding from the zombies – who individually were not that threatening – I constructed a ‘barricade’ of child barriers around a big square area at the top of the stairway.  I think this was mostly to keep the baby from wandering out and getting bitten.  I was not too afraid of the zombies but they were the cause of my less than ideal situation so they clearly did pose a threat.

Unfortunately, the baby was infected.  It hadn’t been bitten, but it did contract the virus.  You would think this would be a bad thing, but it’s not so clear.  The baby became mutated, its body changed so that its limbs did not need to be connected – in fact I believe its torso could disassemble and reassemble from a pile of gross dry-ish meat bones.  This made me uncomfortable, but I recognized that the baby was stronger than a human baby, did not seem to pose a threat to me, and did not seem to otherwise have lost its humanity.  In other words, zombie babies might be the next step of human evolution.


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