Macklemore in Skyrim

Macklemore's got a sword and there's a dragon and stuff

The first part of my dream took place in a medieval-ish fantasy world.  (It actually felt like a videogame RPG like Skyrim, specifically like DLC with it’s limited scope.)  It took place in a small village surrounded by forests and very close to the ruins of an ancient fort or small castle.

The fort was basically just walls.  It had been built by dwarves and then later rebuilt by elves.  Neither races were benevolent.  Weirdly the architecture of each was reflected on half of the structure, so one side looked elvish and the other dwarven.  It was stone on both sides lest you think elves build with wood and dwarves build with metal.

I was on a quest, as I mentioned.  It involved a rising evil and needing to gather allies.  I was guided by a village elder who lived in a tall wooden house that was very dark and filled with spider webs.  The upper floors were just platforms overlooking the lower ones.  There were other villagers that supported me in my quest.

I don’t remember much about gathering the allies, I just remember that there were several, one was a warrior woman, and another was Macklemore.  We went on a quest together, journeying hither and yon accomplishing feats that were sort of glossed over in order to finalize some overarching goal that I don’t remember.  It finished at the ancient fort, where our activities had allowed us to access a chamber in the wall which contained a chest of some kind, perhaps containing an artifact that would help us end whatever evil plagued the land.  But upon entering the chamber, the statues that decorated the walls came to life – the elven ones as archers and the dwarven ones as metal automatons.

The battle was fierce but we emerged victorious.  It was a bittersweet victory, because all but perhaps one of my allies were killed.  I remember that evening, their ghosts visited the village for the rather sombre celebration of our triumph.  I noted that Macklemore’s ghost was missing.  The village elder explained to me that Macklemore’s spirit was permanently destroyed, or was lost.  In this world, those who died outside of their village did so without the protection of the deities of the realm.  Those who traveled, or who died in certain places under certain conditions, would never experience an afterlife.  This horrified me and I began to cry for Macklemore.

I later learned that unprotected souls sometimes did survive, and that they would be taken by the demon lords of the underworld and be traded like currency.  I travelled to this world, perhaps because I died or perhaps to rescue Macklemore, and I was in the domain of one of the demon lords.  I realized this was a situation that would be difficult to escape but I resolved myself to do so.

I'm gonna pop some tags, got twenty septims in my pocket

I’m gonna pop some tags
Only got twenty septims in my pocket
I – I – I’m hunting, looking for a come-up
This is fetching awesome


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