fall through a bridge, discovery of a new species

butterfly crab - too spiderlike

I remember almost nothing of this dream aside from the fact that I was walking across a wide metal bridge spanning a ravine in the middle of a rocky wilderness with some people, and my friend Daniella fell through a hole in said bridge. We rushed to the far side to help her out, and she seemed to have sprained an ankle. As the others were helping her, I found a bunch of creatures crawling across some rocks. They were about the size of two human hands, flat and dry looking. Very much like a combination of crabs and butterflies. They had no bodies, just a bit where their rumpled and leaflike ‘wing shell’ clusters met in the center. I tried twice and failed to accurately reproduce them – one image is too batlike and has a body, the other is too gross and spiderlike. The curious thing is that they did not fill me with revulsion, just curiosity.  

butterfly crab - too batlike


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