Christmas special live from the floating theocracy of tomorrow

floating theocracy

The future was a floating theocracy. The ground below was forgotten, and all of humanity was led by televangelists on a floating continent. I watched their Christmas broadcast, which was a mix of celebrity Christmas special and official government address to the nation. Plus, like, propaganda. So these televangelists were eating Christmas dinner at a table that was obviously filmed in front of a live studio audience, and they only sat on one side, either to reference the Last Supper painting or just for the convenience of the audience being able to see everyone’s faces from a small number of video cameras.

I remember thinking the whole thing was a tad dumb. Trying to shoehorn a limited range of similar people – all televangelist white men in their 30s to 50s – into various trope Christmas special character roles that didn’t make any sense. A middle aged man playing a kid’s part, learning the true meaning of Christmas or how to behave better because that’s what Baby Jesus wants you to do or whatever. At one point someone had an upset stomach and then there was a completely blatant product placement for Tums or something, where another character offers him some in a conveniently placed bottle sitting on the table facing the camera. But, as I was complaining, and possibly said something regarding ‘money changers in the temple’ someone I was watching this with pointed out that they had just read passages from the bible about that story, so it was probably intentional.

Later I remember watching an underground documentary about how the world got that way. It was poorly produced and the documentarian’s eye-roll inducing anti-establishment feelings were in no way hidden, making it an obnoxious but nevertheless informative viewing experience. The sum of it, when you filter out all the bitterness and lousy attempts at humour, was that at some point all the major religions and corporations in the world got together and divided it up into three superpowers, all of which became hovering continents. It’s unclear why they did this, or what happened to the land below, and the other two supercontinents were MIA and forgotten (or perhaps information on them was completely suppressed).


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