I had a dream that I was in bed at my old house in England, and that I rolled over and looked at the floor to spot a transparent spider crawling across the floor. It had roughly the shape and the size of a bottlecap, and I was able to spot it at first as a rippling of the beige carpet beneath it. I soon noticed that there were other such spiders nearby, and that they were moving in the same direction at the same speed – spiders traveling together, something I had never seen before. This should have been worrying but mostly I just found them interesting.

It was soon that I spotted these other creatures, a sort of barnacle affixed to the surface of the wall. A pointed spine jutted out of each one. An insect – large mosquito perhaps – flew around, and one of these spines shot out at the end of an organic ‘string’ that held it affixed to its barnacle, which then pulled it back instantly, before the string had any chance to slack (it must have been elastic-like). This is how these creatures lived. I concluded that these were an evolved stage of the spiders, and I was informed by my sister that they were called ‘darryl’.


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