an awesome analog amusement

Part record player, part Atari 2600.

All I really remember is waiting outside of a music/electronics thrift shop in the corner of some oddly shaped Europeanish stone plaza. I was sitting on bench and there were a few other people there, punks methinks. I think I was selling my old DVDs or games or something.

I spotted a really interesting thing that someone had brought and left on the bench. It was basically an Atari 2600 connected to a record player, as a single device. Between the two was a big lever which was presumably used to switch between turntable mode, videogame mode, and weird retro-silly multimedia videogame mode. It gave the thing the appearance of a wide tank, which I remarked upon aloud. I believe the owner then approached me and that I bought it from him.

I’m thinking this might have been a weird composite of Atari era technology and the Sega CD add-on for the Genesis. I suppose a record player would be that era’s equivalent of a CD drive.


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