insufferable monotony family time adventures


Last night’s dream was just a horrible nightmare. I have not had a dream that could be described as a nightmare in quite a while. Sure, all my dreams have monsters – but I should not have to tell you that man is the real monster… and that Hell is other people.

So I was with this family, helping them take care of their son. He was ten years old maybe. I guess I was a ‘nanny’. And things are going great, we’d go to the park and do this and that. But pretty soon I noticed the kid was kinda a dick. He would do things that were cruel or were purposefully to anger me. He would not correct himself when I pointed this out. I began to not like him. I soon learned that his parents were fine with this bad behaviour and explicitly encouraged him not to change. I noticed that, in addition to this, they were also subtly terrible human beings.

And it was a endless loop. It must have been a feverish dream because I have never experienced such looping monotony outside of one. I could not escape this family, we’d do the same things over and over and over again. There was no leaving the job, there was no doing something else. It was this, and it would always be this, a snapshot of existence stretching on until infinity.

This is a thing that is really hard to describe. But it’s terrible.

Somehow the opportunity to escape presented itself. I don’t really know how. I vaguely think I may have poisoned them a little, which allowed my escape. What I do know is that as I walked out the front door of their house, I saw a teenager approaching with a sniper rifle, and knew she would kill the family. (There was some sort of conflict going on that involved well-armed disgruntled teenagers. I evaded it as I exited.)

I ran into a cave in the side of a hill. But then I realized the cave was made out of a pile of cinderblocks, and they all collapsed upon me. My greatest worry was that I would not die, but rather would live forever buried in blocks with nothing but my own thoughts to keep me company.

I did not die. I found myself in the underground office of some sort of ratlike imp creature, who was a caretaker for this psychological torture project. In spite of this he seemed rather pleasant but it was still tedium, the constant questions he asked over and over and over again.



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