invisible rocket skating down the highway


I was running down a massive curved highway bridge with a girl, possibly a sister. We were zooming so fast and at one point I realized we actually outpaced any of the cars that sparsely occupied its lanes, by a wide margin. It was as if we were skating without skates – rocket skating, at that.

Later we were on a gondola with two other people – a man and a woman – and the girl I was with jumped or fell out the window to hit a stony flat clearing in the forest below. She hit it spread eagle face-first. I was about to reverse the flow of time to bring her back to life (briefly pondering – if I use time reversal to bring someone back, does it negate the suffering? their death happened even if it was negated, my memory is proof of that, so they still suffered and died and nothing can un-happen that) but she began to get up herself. She wasn’t dead! Really tough then, I guess.


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