my own name is a killing word


I was Paul Atreides (from Dune) sent to a compound on a dark rocky planet with a red sky. I arrived by convoy to find a crashed UFO within the walls of the compound, and little else but the main fortress building. It was like playing an RTS, and the map had all kinds of spider/silverfish units that would occasionally crawl into sight, and could move across vertical surfaces like cliff faces. I kept trying to build some defences but kept forgetting that I needed to build a refinery to fund this endeavour.

Later, while on vacation, I married a Bene Gesserit wife who had been assigned to me (there was no real ceremony, I think I just signed a document when she was delivered). We were staying in a hotel room with two beds, each in separate beds. She wanted to have sex but didn’t want to do it on the lousy beds, and so she started taking blankets and cushions off the two beds to build some sort of floor cot. I tried to help but she kept getting angry and telling me how I was doing it wrong. A real pushy dame. I wasn’t even in the mood anyway.

One rival house leader has to come and interview us and put checkmarks in her book with a pencil. She leaves once this strange custom has been completed. She is gay or can’t have children or something, this fact is alluded to in what she says.

Assassins show up at the door, two women, and I can’t kill them. In fact, they kill me, perhaps both of us. This being a dream, and I guess me being a Mentat master of the weirding way, I can reverse the flow of time for a do-over. So I do, and opt to have both of us flee through the window before the assassins arrive. We try to look and move normally as we make our way out into the city, because there are men with machine guns everywhere, presumably as backup for if the assassins failed. They took us as commoners and ignored us.

So we go to this Eauropeanish town that is very tall and crowded, tourist area on this planet that is supposedly in the future. We’re trying to find transport off the planet, but we can’t’ go back to our ship because that’s where they’ll be expecting us.

We stay at a library/book store/coffee shop. There is a timelapse of it becoming less and less crowded as it gets later into the evening. She divulges to me that she called ‘her girls’ (the other Bene Gesserits, though it sounded like she was talking about coworkers back at the hair salon or something) to let them know what’s going on. I got annoyed but did not show it, just told her we had to get out of there now, we’re not safe now that the word is out. More running. Through graveyards and parks and things. Gotta find a way off planet. Smugglers?


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