open palm puncturing rail spike technique


I was a college student living in a basement. It was a very massive but cramped basement, unfinished cement walls and tonnes of room. The only reason I can think anyone would want to live there was that it was insanely cheap, because it was cold and extremely basementy in the worst possible way. There seemed to be a lot of rooms down there. There were plenty of people living there I was friends with, but others were high turnover rate people.

It was sort of ambiguous. It felt like I was a college student, but somehow also that I was employed at a corporation, but then somehow also that my place of residence was affiliated with my place of work/study. Basically, everything was everything. This is important for understanding what happens next.

So the dream also felt like I was watching several shows at once. Mostly sitcoms like Community, American Dad, etc. But all of them, all at once. The story was that this one guy, a sort of short Kim Jung Il type character who seemed like he was a composite of multiple characters. He was living in our house and took control of the school/workplace through some sort of scheming and subterfuge.

There was a resistance movement of people who wanted to depose him. He was a hacker and so I didn’t think it was safe to discuss resistance movement over the internet, because he would personally read it. There was a real feeling of paranoia, in spite of the silliness of the dream.

Some Asian guy was part of the resistance. Either he or someone he knew trained us in a special martial arts so we could combat Kim’s evil robots and agents. His master technique, which was to kill the villain’s evil robot agents, was to strike with the fingers of an open palm so fast that on contact the fighter’s hand transmutes into a metal stake that stabs through any surface. (I believe there was also a wooden stake version of this technique, but we weren’t fighting vampires so it didn’t get much play.)


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