I married a serpent’s organ


I had a dream that I was to marry my ex-girlfriend Andresia from college. Although as lovely as ever, I felt as though we had drifted apart and the marriage was a tad odd. It was a lavish affair and seemed to take place in a hotel resembling a palace. The instant it was over, I began regretting it. Our personalities would not mesh, we didn’t have much to talk about. It felt awkward, being there in our wedding suite. Two long feast tables were sitting in the courtyard right outside the door, waiting for us to consummate the marriage (I was a tad anxious about this because while the huge double doors were solid wood, the wall around them was transparent glass). I think I was so disinterested in the situation with her that I started looking for a Tiger Electronics handheld game* to play instead of interacting with her. Anyway, while it’s quite often I make decisions I regret, the fact that this was a decision that I would be regretting for the rest of my life was starting to sink in. Continue reading