futuristic pens and ghostly pencils


I was in school. It was actually a school that I’m starting to realize has featured prominently in several of my dreams, yet it doesn’t exist, and I cannot think of any possible basis that may have inspired it. I’ll call it the Windowless Classroom School. It is characterized by classrooms in a probably-upstairs hall who’s chalkboards/teacher’s area faces the door, and the door is exactly in the centre of the room. The classrooms are not lit as brightly as they usually are, and there are no windows. The walls are not white as they usually are – if I had to define them, I’d say they were either wood panelled, particle board, or panels of those hole-y wood stuff often used in garages and workshops to affix things to hooks. They generally have a workshop feel to them. The rooms feel comfortable, despite the fact that I almost never enjoy these dreams. The floor plan most resembles OTHS, where I spent my final year of HS, but only just vaguely and possibly merely coincidentally. Continue reading


failing to make believe


It’s hazy. I had a dream in which I was trying to kidnap, trick, kill or convince a king and queen of something. I don’t remember which. I broke into their bedroom for this purpose. Unfortunately I soon realized that they were random objects, balls or bottles or something, lying in the middle of the floor, not humans lying on a bed. I kept trying to feel it, like I was playing a game which everyone else – my co-conspirators, the castle guard at the door, etc – was enjoying and I was missing out and being ‘wrong’ about my outlook.