bathroom stallway


I was starting a new job in some sort of medical facility. Part of my job either required or entitled me to some sort of surgery, maybe a spine implant or something. When I went to the part of the building to get it done, the waiting room was empty except for one woman, who was talking to the receptionist about how her doctor had her get one of these procedures already, and it didn’t work, and so he recommended getting three more. She mentioned her doctor’s name, Dr. KJ, who is a former boss of mine IRL. I almost laughed. And then I realized that I must be working for Dr. KJ again. This was confirmed when he showed up to give me instructions and I felt embarrassed to be just sitting in the waiting room playing Game Boy on work hours.

The only really interesting thing about this dream was a recurrence of the ‘weird public washroom’ trope. I use a stall that is about ten metres deep, and has no door. While I am going, a man and his child open the door immediately to my left, where the toilet paper is. Seems you can’t leave their stall – a massive luxurious chamber with a nice table and a sleeping tiger – without passing through the hallway that is my washroom stall. Still, it’s better than all those dreams I’ve had where the public washrooms are ghost-infested or are the tiled digestive organs of antediluvian horrors.


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