haunted by silverfish and cyborg women


We lived in an apartment built over or next to a Chinese convenience store. The place was a poorly designed mess, basically a hall with a few rooms randomly jutting from it at regular intervals, some leading to places that weren’t related to us at all, like stores and things. silverfish - they hate us, you know I found things a tad confusing too, like it seemed to not have a layout consistent from time to time. Then one night I woke up to find that my room was also part of a subway station and a bunch of people were passing through. Then later it was a disgusting sty and silverfish were everywhere. I’d kill one with a death glare or poison or something and its lifeless body would fall onto my rumpled bedsheets, and while I was trying to find the corpse and dispose of it before I got totally grossed out by it touching where I sleep and spreading it’s ick taint, I would spot another one scurrying somewhere else.

Anyway, it became apparent that the apartment had many problems, and they all involved the fact that it was haunted to bejesus and back. Neither L nor I wanted to move again, though, though we apparently lost our third and would have to pay extra to cover that fact. I left the apartment at some point and found that the strange spirits that inhabited it held me in their power even from great distances. They made me incapable of finding my way back, obscuring my memory of all the necessary information I’d need to navigate the city. I had to carefully piece things together by visiting every single subway station. When I finally got back to my neighbourhood, the convenience store and its building were gone, with other buildings in their place. The entire world was an illusion created by the ghosts to completely piss me off.

At some point I was in the presence of a lot of strange people, and I think I may have been partially in the spirit world. I remember an elderly black woman who was very nice, and also three women who seemed futuristic and strange, two of whom had no eyes – instead they had these tiny rounded-rectangle screens implanted in their faces where their eyes should be, which would display flickering images of eyes instead. This appeared to be a fashion thing and the screens did not allow them to see. The surgery to implant these also gave them an odd bone structure, flattening their faces.

three women

This drawing is a tad lousy, so I ended up doing a slightly less lousy Photoshop instead.

There was a subplot about accidentally stealing a grocery cart from the convenience store, which may have actually been a Hasty Market.

Another dream from the same night involved being hired again by Dr. KJ for another one of his projects, along with J. Offices an entire floor of a skyscraper. After about two weeks he told us he wouldn’t need us for a while but then immediately re-hired me and the girl who was fired from that creative agency J works at now.


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