cannibal farm, radioactive computer sands, flying reincarnation coffin


What was last night’s dream about? It’s hard to even tell. I was living in an apartment with some female college students. We were all moving out and going our separate ways, but I think possibly I wanted to stay longer and was asking them to do the same. Continue reading


online nonsense


I had a dream that seemed to take place entirely within a browser. Part of it involved me notice that a friend (possibly TL, an old friend and former roommate) had unfriended me on Fb, and being a tad hurt about that. Another involved a girl I met on OKC and dated for a while messaging me accusing me of having sex with her after I’d decided to break up with her. This wasn’t true, but in the dream I thought it was. (I still feel sad about breaking up with this nice lady. Sweet person, liked me a lot, but we had nothing in common.)