cannibal farm, radioactive computer sands, flying reincarnation coffin


What was last night’s dream about? It’s hard to even tell. I was living in an apartment with some female college students. We were all moving out and going our separate ways, but I think possibly I wanted to stay longer and was asking them to do the same.

Then suddenly the dream was about being shown swimming pool’s at Luke’s house. I wanted to know if buying one of those round ones with a tall base was affordable and if I could sell it again when I moved. I also wanted to know why those pools had such a tall base. Turns out if the water isn’t stirred by all the machinery down there, a gross slick/skin forms on the top.

Then the conversation changed to what animals we’d want to have in the case of an apocalypse. For some reason I was thinking a goat for milking, and then someone else said goat, and I was like ‘I wonder why we both went with goat and not cow’. Then a little girl who looked like Lisa Simpsons said she would choose a cat over a tiger because cats are softer. I don’t understand that at all. A tiger is soft and also there’s a lot more of it to pet. Plus you can ride it around like Cringer/Shadowcat from He-Man.

Anyway this is where my dream gets interesting. So my roommates and I go to this farm that we have to avoid being seen. It’s a compound full of widely spaced short wooden buildings that are missing walls – just think how the stable looks in nativity scenes. We were searching for food or something, because it was the apocalypse. Then I noticed there was a light that indicated when a slaughter was taking place in the basement slaughterhouse of this one weird barn we were exploring. Then I realize that this is a cannibal farm and that they are killing people down there! I think one of the girls panicked and pressed a button, and a large troll-like bald man emerged from the basement and we all ran. I think the other girls were caught but I made it, and I kept thinking, how am I going to rescue them? I knew there had to be a way.

The only plan I could come up with is that if I went and got caught myself, and then they killed me, it might turn out that my body was just a low-powered duplicate of my original body, controlled by remote because the original was so powerful that it radiated harm to anything near it. The original body would be delivered via rocket coffin to the place where I had died, where it would of course be awoken and I could seek vengeance and rescue the ladies.

This thought takes me to the point where I’m wandering across a field of sand. I am no longer being chased. I just appear as a regular person walking around on the cannibal compound and none of the cannibals really notice me. I do notice that in the early evening dimness, that there are glowing lines on the sand. In fact the sand pile looks like a mix of all kinds of things, sand and dirt and broken machinery and rocks. There are massive steep hills looming over me of this debris. A hologram of a woman appears to explain to me that this was the site of some devastation. The glowing was either some sort of network of nano-computers made from a special sand that had been spread by the disaster, or the sand itself was radioactive. I was probably going to get all kinds of cancer but I couldn’t help being interested in this nonsense.


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