Brock Sampson vs werewolf dinosaurs


This dream was inspired by The Venture Bros. It’s just a mishmash of ideas from it.

So I was a henchman for the Monarch or a villain like him. Our base of operations was a massive nuclear jet. Brock was one of the lieutenants of the villain. But he’s different. Angrier, more subdued, quieter. Also there’s a gorilla man or woman as one of the other lieutenants. This gorilla has a child.

The jet is parked on a jungle in the middle of the night. Some dinosaur werewolves have kidnapped the gorilla person’s baby. I rush to volunteer to rescue it, but Brock beats me to it. He goes out alone and rescues the gorillaling. It’s just as well because while he’s gone the lycanthorpasauri attack and I’ve got nothing but my shooting finger to shoot them with. I just hate it in dreams where I just can’t use guns when I’m supposed to. It drives me nuts, and it happens so damn often. Anyway the attack is repulsed due to everyone else being able to shoot their guns and also the gun turrets that line the perimeter of the lowest level.

I get the distinct impression that this Brock had a family but they were all killed. That’s why he got into the arching racket.


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