basement slaughter


A calf being led down a narrow, winding staircase into a basement slaughterhouse, so that his mother would follow.

A boy, he was to be put on an assembly line, where he would be taken apart and converted into a stroggo, a cybernetic monster. I was on the assembly line myself and it was horrific, like being processed at a meat factory where instead of employees there are big hideous metallic creatures that want to rip you apart piece by piece. I can’t even describe it, but it was bleak and frightening and horrific.

Next I was inside some sort of school, felt halfway between high school and university. Most of my experience there was one of forgetting things. I forgot to bring my gym clothes, I forgot to complete assignments, I forgot or simply had no idea where my classrooms were, and I failed to recognize female classmates who would talk to me and who apparently I had made plans to study with or had some sort of obligation to.

The school was artificial, like it was a game I was playing. Or at least this was suggested by the easter eggs presumably left by programmers in hard-to-reach places, such as this one section of roof where a shed or annex of some kind pushed up against a larger building. These low-res Star Trek sprites would appear and fire phasers at you if you explored to much, referencing some ancient mid-90s licensed FPS that had otherwise been deservedly forgotten.



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