Luger Cola is a popular soft drink in the warzone that is Paris


I was in city. I’m thinking Paris or some other city in France. I was part of some sort of prank reality perpetuated by a cleverly designed parody/fake website made by an artist or group of artists. I kept having to go back to the same apartment to do the same prank over and over again, except that new people lived there and their children were openly contempt of my attempts. Not sure why I had to keep doing it.

I was the bad guy and did not feel good about it.

But the cool part was that I had a glass bottle raygun type thing. It was basically a glass bottle with an equally glass gun handle, and it fired crystals with a sharpening tornado inside. I remember being in an urban warzone (in France) firing ice darts rapid fire like at uniformed soldier types. While it was novel and had unlimited ammo, it was not super effective.

There was a segment where I was in the subway. It was your typical dream subway station where it was more crowded and more random and more hectic and insane than real subway stations. It also seemed to be inside of a massive cave tunnel for some reason. Anyway as the train pulled into the station I closed my eyes because I didn’t want to see it smash into any people. In the dream I found it notable that I actually could close my eyes to effectively prevent myself from seeing things, which I don’t recall ever happening before.


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