dystopias are bad and parents are annoying


Some sort of dystopia. I was part of a plot to bomb an airplane, which would somehow further the goals of the resistance movement. An internet-savvy Japanese girl was involved. Also, so was time-travel.

The problem is the dream shifted gears to being about how annoying my subconscious seems to consider my parents, and yet never shed the dystopia/terrorism sub-plot, which made it really annoying.

My mother is harassing me about not having a job. My father is harassing me about, oh I don’t know, doing something slightly differently than what he thinks is the correct way of doing something. I remember yelling at them several times, which almost never happens in real life, and it actually seemed somewhat effective. There was also a bit where I went for a walk with my mother, who was being stubborn about continuing despite her lousy leg, and her telling me that she is afraid of my father.

There was also a grandfather figure visiting. Which is interesting because I have literally never had a grandfather since the ones I would have had were some combination of dead and psychotic.

The stress of getting this bombing thing together – which somehow involved a boat, a remote control plane or car, several telecommunications devices, and my Japanese collaborator who was simultaneously nearby and far far away communicating via long distance texts. Complicating matters further was that I didn’t have proper coverage with my devices and could not reach certain parties to synchronize things.

I was getting really frustrated, and didn’t really believe in the cause, in particular because the dystopia that the dream started with had faded to the regular real world dystopia that we live in already, which isn’t quite the same. I was stressing in the dream about the whole ordeal and then realized I could always just bail. So I did. I called the girl and told her it was off.

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