giants having giant orgies after they feast on humanity


My sister N was keeping a raccoon at a hotel our family was staying at. We were on some sort of resort thing where my parents had pre-established elderly friends. Anyway everyone seemed ok with the raccoon but me. I kept telling my family that it would bite us in our sleep and give us the rabies. Kept insisting that it had rabies. My sister had set it up a little room inside this massive oven that was in one of the rooms of the hotel suite. He even had little furniture and things. There was a frozen turkey inside the oven that we were just starting there, and she didn’t seem bothered that he kept trying to eat it. No, he won’t eat it, don’t be silly, that sort of thing. My mother was totally unconcerned, saying she had to spend enough time preparing food for the family that she didn’t have any left over for caring about whether or not a raccoon is something to be concerned about.

(The irritation with the presence of a raccoon thing is out of character for me and I think it’s a manifestation of the sense of irritation I feel when she sends me videos she shot with her cellphone in vertical mode that always play sideways on my computer as well as my parent’s despite my repeatedly telling her of this and also that the scenes she shoots are wide anyway. I also really hate it when people constantly tell me not to worry about things that are totally legitimate to worry about. Hey, don’t worry about my leaving the door unlocked all day long when nobody’s home, nobody ever gets robbed, etc.)

So our hotel was actually this massive complex with glass walls all around it, elevated off the ground several hundred feet on its concrete base. The government tried to contain the constant state of panic caused by scarcity, their own oppression, and concerns over these gross naked giants that kept attacking. I remember reflecting that when people people went off to escape, they were only really successful if they were the first of a trend, or if they were the only. The initiators of a rush for freedom usually got the best land and resources before the rest arrived. Those who went on their own and were not followed were unlikely to ever be found by the government or the giants.

The mystery of the giants and their origins. The giants had actually gotten into the massive hotel structure, and a wing of it had entirely fallen to them. Fortunately they seemed only interested in having massive giant orgies in there once their supply of food had been exhausted. The orgies didn’t seem to enjoy it or have any awareness of what they were doing (being mute and zombielike), and they were incapable of reproduction so there was no biological imperative.

Anyway, I then remembered a visit to the giant homeworld had been conducted by humans at some point in the past, and they had at that point killed several of the giants. The planet was very red and had spiky towers jutting out of it.

(The giant stuff was definitely inspired by Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin), and when I struggled to remember things about the giants in the dream what I was actually doing was struggling to remember events that happened in the show, until my brain gave up and just made up it’s own story about them (homeworld, orgies). The story that my brain made up seemed inspired by Forever War and the plane of Oblivion in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion as well.)


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