secret erotic fanfilm


I had a job in some big glass office room where perhaps a hundred suited middle aged men also worked. I had been apparently secretly collaborating with someone on some sort of fanfic movie of a computer animated porn movie series. Turns out the guy I was collaborating with worked there too. He was a hipstery Asian guy. Once I learned of this, I kept being worried that I would be found out by my employer due to this guy’s carelessness. Later I learned this guy wanted to keep it a secret too. So I felt better.

So you like naked ladies huh? This one's extra naked, just for you.

My original muscle drawing.

(For the art I found an actual Japanese CGI porn artist, Umemaro 3D, and based it on a work of his. A straight up lady pic is not really my thing, and I also wanted to try my hand at the muscle work I did in the zombie king illustration for this dream, so I decided to try making something that was hot and gross in equal measures. Her name is Dr. Sugimoto and you can see what she looks like in this same pose with skin here (warning: NSFW). The illustrations on the transmutation circle behind her are previous, crappy attempts at this (failed transmutations), before I decided to use actual anatomy as a basis and use Micron pens to draw. This whole thing took WAY longer than it should have.)


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