Cumberbatch Lane

I had a dream that SD and AP (friends, couple) were living in a townhouse on a place called Cumberbatch Lane. There was a cupcake shop attached. It had a quaint villagey feel, that lane. Kinda like The Village from The Prisoner.
I felt that AP was in a bad mood with me, but I’m not sure why. He showed us (myself and the other guests) the second room (their house interior looked identical to their current tiny apartment) which was massive, had it’s own hallway leading to stairs, it’s own kitchen, etc. I remember thinking to myself, just how rich are these friends of mine who are constantly claiming to not have a lot of money, that they can have a room this big and not use it?
Later I was outside and my old friend from highschool, DH, was arriving from the airport to visit SD/AP. I didn’t know they knew each other, and said this to him as I greeted him. He was not that interested in seeing me, did not seem happy or communicative. I remember thinking, if this weren’t a dream I’d be rather hurt by this.

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