brothel fetish atrocity and the failures of our civilization


Lived at the old High Park house from a few years ago, but with my family. I entered the livingroom one morning to find all the furniture in the entire house shifted to a big mass in the center of the room.

My father had decided to renovate. He did not discuss this with anyone, even though it would involve a severe inconvenience to all and we might even be required to contribute (this vague awareness that I did pay rent at the house that was the basis of this dream probably supplied this impression). This annoyed me. I was further upset by finding all kinds of disgustingness, including a mangled skunk/crow carcass in the toilet, which I for some reason decided to move to the stovetop, perhaps to cleanse with fire.

I wanted to shout and scream at people and get at the bottom of who was responsible, but nobody seemed to know of or even be capable of being made aware of these things.

To make matters worse, I was paranoid of the neighbourhood. When I was left alone I saw people outside of the house wandering around, and they were such a strange and intimidating bunch in such a great variety of types and I was worried they all wanted to come in and take or destroy.

The only other thing I remember from this night’s dreams was being at some sort of massive future brothel. It was crowded and attractive women were doing all kinds of sex acts for the amusement of others. I was not into this at all. Someone drew attention to something called ‘cis lesbian sex’ which I thought somehow was related to the term ‘cisgendered’ but it turns out I misheard – it was ‘foreskin lesbian sex‘. I looked at this to discover something truly surreal and horrific and disgusting. I don’t remember exactly what, but I suspect it was women cosmetically or genetically modified to enable them to cater to this specific fetish crowd. It was so gross I averted my gaze. I was surrounded by such atrocities, and I remember thinking that nobody should ever have a need for money so great that they would need to do this to themselves. It would be proof that society, the government, capitalism, civilization, whatever, was an utter failure and deserved to be destroyed and replaced.

Hmm. I also remember some sort of secret agent/action movie shenanigans. A high speed train or boat or gondola, jumping from vehicle to vehicle, I don’t know what.

(Future brothel setting setting and genetic modification (as well as anti-capitalist undertones) probably inspired by Oryx and Crake: Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood and also partially of a recent experience of mine helping a bisexual friend masturbate to legitimate lesbian porn. Please don’t misunderstand – I don’t equate anything actual about lesbians to horrific fetishes. In the dream they were doing things and being things so horrible and outlandish that nobody could possibly do, or would want to.)


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