thirsty dream: swan eggs and cute critters


I woke up several times, quite dehydrated last night. This sort of sleep tends to produce little mini dreams that I can only vaguely remember the main bullet point of, all of which are different.

One involved my trying to return a swan egg back to its nest. Some creature had removed it, so I had to track down the egg, then find a way of accessing the swan nest, which was floating on the surface of a pond next to an old stone building. I had to drag it to store with a stick and place it carefully in there, then try to push it back to where it was with said stick.

Another dream involved malevolent children. I don’t know much else.

Another involved extremely tiny cute creatures – not sure if they were bats, cats, birds or whatever, but there were three of them and they were the size of tiny mice, or huge bugs. They were really adorable. Oddly for a dream with such subject matter, I did not have anxieties about protecting them or about their imminent danger.


subconsious playing tricks on me


I recently watched a few videos on lucid dreaming, in particular the FILD (Finger Induced Lucid Dreaming) technique, in particular ones by GizEdwards, a goofy Brit. This morning I had a dream in which I realized I was in a dream, and wiggled my fingers as suggested, and then assumed I was in a lucid dream. So I wake up and tell people. Then I wake up again, and it turns out I was in a double nested dream. Some Inception type bullshit going on. Essentially, I did not have a lucid dream.