elementary school and a Nintendo-playing monkey


I was an adult and I was about to begin attending elementary school. Somehow this was not strange to myself or anyone around me. I was starting mid-year and had to sort of catch up with what was going on as I went.

I remember going through the front door and finding it weird that it locked behind me, sealing me and other students in. You can enter at will, but you can’t leave unless you are specifically allowed to. The class itself was very un-prisony, comprising of all kinds of classroomy type stuff but principally several rows of chairs in front of a television that was showing some sort of movie, possibly but not necessarily educational in nature. A small child, probably one of my nieces, was there as well.

Some other dream that followed involved owning a monkey that I’d trained to play videogames for me to grind my RPG characters. He was a sweet lad and was always pleased when he did something that made people laugh. We were bros. But this whole thing might have been imagined by me while half awake, and not technically a dream. I’m not totally certain.


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