a new health food product made from paper


Dr. KJ (owner of C-company, from which I was recently laid off) was renting the ground floor of a building, a sort of office building perhaps. He had the entire thing made up to be a library, with extremely tall bookshelves filled every last one of them with copies of the same book. It was not exactly a book per se. It was a sort of binder that took the form of a hardcover book, and inside were pockets containing three or so smaller books of different sizes, and maybe one of those was actually an audio casette.

This was a product he had produced, and was so confident that it would sell he bought fousands of copies and made this insane redundant library as a showroom for the product. I overheard him talking to a contractor who was involved in setting the whole thing up, and he was sort of angry about some detail, saying that if he didn’t get a return on his investment, he’d be ruined financially. This kind of doubt coming from his mouth is unusual – he’s normally so confident and optimistic that there’s no possibility of failure in his view.

I was also shown another product he’d developed, possibly by Dr. TB, his wife. It was a healthy cracker type thing, square shaped and thick, that you covered in a salad dressing type substance that nevertheless did not make it soggy. They were handed to me in a bowl. I had some and it tasted disgusting, like nothing remotely resembling something edible. By some strange coincidence, it tasted exactly like the inside of a sleeping person’s mouth. I subsequently learned that the crackers were made out of recycled paper, ground up and turned into cracker dough somehow. The paper itself came from a previous book Kevin had published but was unable to sell.

A subsequent and seemingly unrelated part of the dream involved urban exploring in this area that was basically a wall of clutter, pipes and concrete and contraptions. I then noticed that it was the wall of an amusement park, and that some of the pipes were component to rides. One of them was a track that people on these slidey toboggan type things would slide around, sort of like a rollercoaster without wheels. Another was the pipe of what appeared to be a waterslide, with a strange open-air section that was within my reach. I decided to go in through the open air section and enter the amusement park without paying. Unfortunately the pipe ended up just being an odd water pipe, maybe an oversized eaves-trough type thing. It tapered to the point where I became stuck just before its opening, and I began to feel panicky. Somehow I split the thing open with my own strength.

I was then accompanied by a younger girl who had also snuck in somehow (I think I had seen others sneak in via the toboggan thing, dangerously enough). The theme park police showed up and started asking people for their papers, like Nazis. Well actually they just quizzed them on how much they paid for tickets. I was like, girl tell me how much tickets are? How much did we pay? She said I paid twenty dollars and fifty one cents for a day pass and you paid a hundred and twenty for a week pass.

Weirdly, a bunch of odd Christian kids dressed in wacky animals and led by some large cheerful middle aged woman. They seemed like characters from a sitcom, like Malcom in the Middle type show or maybe Arrested Development. Or maybe Moonrise Kingdom type movie. I got the feeling the audience was supposed to be familiar with each character and their individual schticks as well as their combined motives. But of course I was just tuning in and was completely lost.


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