a thief who aspires to be a famous chef on a massive ark


There was a city on a massive boat. The entire ship was a self-contained city. Possibly it was the only city left. It was also a very hierarchical society where the rich ruled with a political philosophy that basically said they could do anything because they were rich, and the ruling elite had no obligation to help out anyone else. The rich deserved to be rich, the poor deserved to be poor.

I was a scullion, or an aspiring young chef or something. I was poor, possibly a homeless orphan. I needed to make good food to achieve my goals, but I didn’t have the ingredients. I went to steal eggs and suchlike in a reputable chef’s kitchen. To avoid being spotted at one point I hid above a door, using the door frame to support myself between the door and the ceiling.

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mad bikers and VHS hoarding


I was with LG (ladyfriend), at her parent’s house. It was a wooden house built on the side of a wooded slope, not unlike my cousin SC’s parent’s house. Not too far below, the slope flattened out in a little area and there was a small graveyard that sort of bordered a path paved with stones. Continue reading

arranged marriage


Outside of a school, where kids slid up and down these ramps somehow and had lots of fun. I joined them for a bit. I knew some people who were telling me that their teenage daughter was going to marry some older guy. It was a marriage they had arranged for her – they were part of some sort of modern religion that allowed that sort of thing. The guy had apparently showed up in their community and not long after had asked them if he could marry their daughter. He was a sort of tough biker type guy, but friendly and nice. Continue reading

rat and baby


In one night I had two dreams back to back that were remarkably similar thematically – they both feature the recurring theme that I’ve had since childhood of having to care for a small, weak creature (baby, cats, some other strange creature) and it often being on the verge of death or beset by all kinds of dangers and my struggling madly to keep it alive and safe. There is a real sense of urgency and it is usually really sad and stressful. Continue reading