rat and baby


In one night I had two dreams back to back that were remarkably similar thematically – they both feature the recurring theme that I’ve had since childhood of having to care for a small, weak creature (baby, cats, some other strange creature) and it often being on the verge of death or beset by all kinds of dangers and my struggling madly to keep it alive and safe. There is a real sense of urgency and it is usually really sad and stressful.


I had to take care of a rat. I either found it in a car or stored it in a car to keep it safe, but it got out of the hatchback when groceries were being unpacked. It was eating cheese and meats at a buffet. He acted as if he was in a lot of pain, limping and the like, so I was trying to find some aspirin that I could crush up and put on a piece of cheese for him to eat to kill the pain. Cute little guy.


I was heading home in a strange neighbourhood. There were all kinds of weird crazy people wandering around. A shopping card was rolling on it’s own with a very tiny baby inside it and somehow was knocked over. I caught the baby just in time. The baby was abnormally small – just a little bit larger than a clementine, I had to go from door to door in this neighbourhood (which now that I think of it strongly resembled the residential area of the base I lived on in Germany) trying to find its parents. It was an impossible task and I kept somehow losing the baby. In this process I remember hacking up a fridge with an axe for some reason. I also remember looking at an animal’s nest and believing that in the mound of garbage that it was made from of I saw the baby’s body, torn apart and bloody. Eventually I had the baby in my possession and I found its parents, who seemed disinterested in it altogether, and generally seemed to assume that the baby was dead.

That said, they received cheques from the government to take care of the baby, and they were still receiving them. This was good news – it meant that the baby was definitely alive – I had been uncertain of this, in part because I was hesitant to look at the baby for fear of it being dead or dying.


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