mad bikers and VHS hoarding


I was with LG (ladyfriend), at her parent’s house. It was a wooden house built on the side of a wooded slope, not unlike my cousin SC’s parent’s house. Not too far below, the slope flattened out in a little area and there was a small graveyard that sort of bordered a path paved with stones.

We spent much time sorting through massive stacks of VHS tapes. It wasn’t clear to me if the tapes were LG’s or someone else’s. It’s the sort of analog thing she’s into.

And then bikers came in the area below and began assaulting the house. It was crazy. There may have been flaming arrows and a hostage situation. I remember both trying to reason with them and actively combating them. I feel like I was pretty brave in how I dealt with this dangerous fantasy situation that was transpiring inside my own brain.


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