a thief who aspires to be a famous chef on a massive ark


There was a city on a massive boat. The entire ship was a self-contained city. Possibly it was the only city left. It was also a very hierarchical society where the rich ruled with a political philosophy that basically said they could do anything because they were rich, and the ruling elite had no obligation to help out anyone else. The rich deserved to be rich, the poor deserved to be poor.

I was a scullion, or an aspiring young chef or something. I was poor, possibly a homeless orphan. I needed to make good food to achieve my goals, but I didn’t have the ingredients. I went to steal eggs and suchlike in a reputable chef’s kitchen. To avoid being spotted at one point I hid above a door, using the door frame to support myself between the door and the ceiling.

Then I decided to break into some celebrity chef’s house. I might have been doing this to steal more ingredients, but I feel that I was being more ambitious than that. Perhaps I was stealing his personal recipe book, or trying to learn stuff about him so I could later have the means of impressing him. I seem to think that I was intending to make cookies and send them to the owner of the house, as a kind of resume.

It was ballsy, anyway, because he was Martha Stewart class celebrity, with a mansion and staff and everything. The mansion was on a lake. On it, literally. It seemed that the rich people of this society lived on a massive but shallow indoor lake on one of the ship’s floors. The lake itself was misty and resembled a bayou somewhat. Houses were built just above the water line, and people used small boats to get around, like Venice.

Anyway, in the misty night I snuck across the front lawn and got inside the house. It was empty but dawn approached as I completed my mission, and leaving would be more difficult.

There were also boat tours of these houses, sorta like Hollywood celebrity house bus tours. The celeb chef actually had tours going on in his house, as if it were a museum. I spotted two tourists – a pair of Asian girls – and joined them, giving them the impression that I was smoehow affiliated with the famous chef or his staff or the tour, while giving anyone else the impression that I was in with the tour group. This easily allowed me to escape.

These two ladies and I started a band together, but later they kicked me out.

(The boat/waterbound city thing is a recurring theme, I’ve just noticed. I’ve added it as a category. I haven’t a clue why, I’ve never been on a large ship, am not particularly interested in naval stuff, and don’t spend much time thinking about boats or the ocean. The scullion thing could have been inspired by Gormenghast (in which the protagonist is an ambitious young man who begins his rise to the top in a strange self-contained city as a scullion) or my recent viewing of Treasure Planet. I am no scullion myself.)


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