raised for war


I lived in some sort of dystopia where I was part of a program to train youth to be killers and soldiers. Our class comprised of maybe a hundred students, and we were divided into three armies and made to compete with each other on these big indoor fields that simulated various outdoor environments. Some events were races to acquire resources before other teams, others were outright combat. Sometimes the fields were combined into one massive field for mock wars. I seem to think that almost anything was allowed, and not everything on the field was supervised or documented, just results. In this way, students were free to employ whatever methods they saw fit without fear of repercussion.

I remember one incident towards the end of one event, where I cornered an Asian-looking girl on a path bordered by trees and compelled her to have sex with me. Since rape has always been a tool of war, I didn’t think it went against the spirit of the dystopia, and she seemed to accept it as an ordinary condition of being defeated.

I looked for her later, during mealtime, and could not find her. It was difficult because many of the girls looked very similar. Cloning program? Or perhaps my unconscious mind being racist (which would actually not the the least offensive thing about this dream).


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