William Hartnell and his puppets


I was in a strange village that appeared to have been made of all kinds of brightly coloured craft papers, some crinkly and others not. Sort of an indoor sound stage feel. I was with other children and we were trying to accomplish some sort of task together – build something, or find something, or build something with something that we needed to find. I felt like I was living in a world that came into existence because of an old computer adventure game I had once played (‘Dare to Dream‘ I think it was called). 

William Hartnell was there. He was apparently a hobbyist puppeteer, and had been for most of his life. I saw him working with various tiny marionettes he’d made from corks apparently. He had done all the puppet work for his run of Doctor Who simply because he enjoyed doing it, never officially credited for it because he was not paid for this work. He was delighted with this stuff and it was odd but nice to see him not being a cranky old man for once.


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