a convoluted scheme, purpose unknown


I was a college student, or possibly a high school student, yet I had the beard that I currently have, which I had never been able to grow at those times. The dream involved some kind of extremely convoluted scheme by my sister NB and myself. I don’t remember the specifics of the plot, or even what we were trying to accomplish, just scraps of the plan and our research/rehearsals of it. They were:

  • somehow sneakily acquiring the recipe to a drink that’s supposed to be amazing
  • using water from a freshwater lake near a friend’s apartment
  • producing the drink with more alcohol than required so as to get someone at a party drunk enough to reveal certain info
  • scouting the high school we went to, specifically the art room – I think there was a safe we needed the combination to, and being spotted by a teacher, who must have assumed I was someone’s parent because of how old I look
  • climbing up a rickety wooded fire escape ladder

Writing all these out, I seem to think that it was a plot that involved doing things at three different locations in a single evening. I believe I was trying to get back something of mine that was held in a safe in the art room of a school I had attended. However the whole thing might be cyclical – the recipe that was required to make the drink that would get the password might have been one of the things inside the safe.


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