survivalist habitat in a cold, cold post apocalypse


The dream chiefly concerned the attempts to survive outside of civilization by a small group of people. It was cold, very cold. I can only imagine things had gone bad in the cities, society had collapsed, and this is what forced us to such desperate living conditions.

The first habitat was built on the edge of a wooded area, not far from a highway in a mountainous area of the country. It was a school bus or a helicopter, or some vehicle that resembled both enough that I wasn’t sure. It didn’t provide much warmth, but it was something.

I never got a clear picture of how many people lived there. It seemed that I never saw more than two at a time, and never saw the same person more than once. So I’d say at least 7, probably no more than 11.

Anyway, gradually more vehicles were gathered nearby, and a small town structure was created. The very elements were hostile at night, so most homes were inside indoor environments – big tall warehouse type structures made out of shipping containers taken apart and assembled together, vehicles, things like that.

We also had gorillas. Don’t know why. Escaped from zoo? For foraging or guard dogs maybe? I learned that they lived inside the fuel tank of a big vehicle, possibly a truck or plane. I looked into it once, and it made me uncomfortable. Smooth curved walls that tapered into an exit tunnel leading to the engine. Seeing the insides of machines sometimes makes me feel this way. You can’t survive in there when it’s on, so it’s like seeing something nobody should see with their own eyes. I feel this way about a lot of machines. Even seeing the pieces of a hard drive makes me feel uncomfortable.

One evening I go with a woman to check on a man who is on watch inside a warehouse-type building on our compound, up in the office section that overlooks it (these sorts of overlooks are common in my dreams, I’m not sure why). We see what looks like the guy sleeping, I climb the ladder to see a blonde woman and a middle-aged looking man in blue-grey cammo military fatigues (the white-haired man appeared to be in charge). They shot him as I got to the top. We fled.

Hard to tell what happened next. Just fear and trying to get everyone together. A dark haired woman from the military group holding a 8 year old girl hostage, firing at me, my surviving and knocking her out. Could have killed her but didn’t. I didn’t want to start a war, I just wanted the military man and his people to leave.

Searching around desperately for him. We’d never be safe until this was resolved somehow, and if we didn’t know where he was that just meant he was able to hit us at any time from any direction.

I remember the military guy. Sorta mean tough guy. “What are you doing, boy?” he had said to me, at some point.


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