a ghostly apparition, a mystery, treasure and teleportation


I had this dream while sleeping on the couch in my old college friend CC’s living room. It was a sort of sleep paralysis thing, where I thought I was awake in the living room. There was a figure that kept approaching me, or slowly receding away from me, down the hallway into the darkness. I think whatever it was took the form of a family member, a sister or my mother perhaps. It was a rather frightening ghostly apparition, and after a while I became aware that I was actually asleep, and began banging my foot on the floor repeatedly to wake myself up. When I did wake up I found my foot ached because I indeed had been controlling it in my sleep.

The strange thing is, I distinctly remember having a similar dream (similar as in, a sort of sleep paralysis thing involving a ghost approaching me).

I fell back asleep and had another dream. I was on a field trip in elementary school and was trying to solve a mystery with one of my classmates about ‘red labels’, a phrase uttered by a member of some family. While he and I were discussing this, some people sitting on the bench behind us revealed that the phrase alluded to bloodlines, genealogy, etc.

Later on I was searching for a treasure in some dark grotto. I found many bottles of all kind, which presumably contained alcohol. I was certain – not sure why – that at least a few of them contained mead. Eventually I found a treasure.

The last part of the dream involved taking other students to this strange wooden structure at the top of a high grassy hill. It was a wooden platform mounted on four wooden legs and was maybe two storeys high. At the top you could stand, hold your arms high, and by force of will be teleported to another world.


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