a vampire and an artist


There is a vampire and a man in a mansion or castle. The man is an artist.

The dream was about confronting evil, and fighting it. The man becomes a slave of the vampire, is controlled by him. His mind degrades and his journals become less and less coherent. His art becomes more like stock art, collage from reused items. I think he becomes anorexic at this point.

Something about sheep. People being slaughtered like sheep.

And at the mansion there were cars that were like Lego. There were secret passages and snow-capped towers and things.

My cousin SC was involved. She had pink pants and I remember trying them on.

(This dream was almost certainly inspired by my recent readings on Lord Ruthven, a vampire based on Lord Byron who is the basis for most vampires, including Dracula. Speaking of Dracula, the idea of a man forced to live with him against his will, and who writes journals about it, well that was clearly an inspiration as well.)


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