cyborg frog rocks


The dream involved:

Frogs that grew among rocks in a stream or brook. They would form as a sort of slime film around the rocks as the water lapped over them, and the slime would form together into a more complex life and eventually there would be a bed of frogs, all capable of mobility but just a shell around a non-being with no organs. There was an ongoing experiment on them. They made them form around balls of ice so they would become hollow once it melted, floppy piles of frog-coloured pasta. The scientists tried to place little machines inside the frogs so that the organic part would grow around the machine and serve as its biological exoskeleton. Possibly to spy on people.

Finding that my own tooth had been completely hollowed out.

Our old dog D rooting through the garbage.

My roommate LM eating cream cheese and peanut butter on a bagel. I was making a bagel and wanted just cream cheese on mine. All the ingredients were equally co-owned by both of us, but he became angry that I didn’t want peanut butter, because it meant that the ingredients were becoming imbalanced.


2 thoughts on “cyborg frog rocks

    • Serious, maybe, but not deadly. Glad you like the drawing, they are getting sloppier lately but the one-tone shading thing is something I’m trying. (Incidentally I updated the first paragraph upon realizing that it was less informative than it should have been.)

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