donkey strategy


There was a new real time strategy game. I remember begin very impressed with it, because it had day and night and sound, it counted the sound you made somehow. We were fighting someone in this game. They drove a truck in and shot the place up. They kidnapped our horse or donkey, and the rest of the dream was about rescuing this creature. We were worried they’d turn him to meat.

We went to the bad guy headquarters, they might have been aliens or whatever, and had a very low key low tech war. It felt like street warfare in Ireland or something. We killed all the people defending the headquarters.

We ended up at a place that managed pets, like a pet shop that was also a bar/restaurant somehow. We were worried about our horse/donkey (mule?) and we kept having to attempt to adopt him, and we’d get to the front of the line and then have to send an email to the clerk on the other side of the counter from a device to actually communicate with him and then get sent to the back of the line or to another line or something.

There was a weird sidestory about a sitcom. There were all these sitcom characters, one of them had been given a sex change against their will or perhaps without their knowledge. So these sitcom characters living with each other didn’t know they were capable of having sex with each other and somehow all the jokes were related to that fact. It was not funny.


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