superheroes, tiny human parasites, and an owl-moth, also sex


dream green arrow wingsI was Green Arrow. I had learned – from reading a comic book actually – that Superman was unknowingly host to a civilization of tiny people who found a way of surviving in his body. I feel like they were probably Kryptonians (from Kandor?). So my sidekick – I don’t even remember who my sidekick was – is scaling the side of an apartment skyscraper and I remember thinking “what an idiotic way to get inside a building”. And really, it is. There’s plenty of ways you could sneak into a building that are a thousand times safer, or you could scale the building on the outside in plain view of the world and be easily spotted (including by someone inside the actual building). Plus, it would take for damn ever, and you’d be too tired for superhero business when you finally got to the right floor.

So after a while I decide to get out my jetpack/hang glider thing. It’s this winged backpack thing that just sort of magnetically seals itself to my back and then unfurls these wings. There is a little jet that shoots air and provides initial lift and bursts of speed, but the flapping wings work like a bird’s do.

It was via this means I arrived in Superman’s apartment. Superman was married and a father of at least five children. He also had a guest visiting – a middle-aged Kryptonian man wearing some sort of Kryptonian outfit that conveyed importance, high social standing, officialness, etc. They were trying to find clues as to some strange energy signal that had been detected in the apartment. I tried to help but the Kryptonian was blatantly being an obstacle to me while pretending he was trying to help.

dream owl mothI decided to use these special creatures to figure out the source of this issue, which I was certain would point to the Kryptonian as the culprit of this and some larger plot against Superman. I took out an eyedrop type vial of black fluid and did a drop on a surface. It bubbled and frothed white and from the foam and from this emerged a tiny moth/owl creature. It took flight and went down a hall and around a corner, scanning every surface for information. I was a little disappointed by how slow it moved, but was confident it would yield results.

His children started to annoy me, preventing me from holding the surface level enough for subsequent drops to form into creatures. I became very angry – not only were they interfering with an important investigation that could save their father’s life, but they were also preventing life from forming, essentially they could be killing living things by not letting hte process complete. And his eldest daughter was such a surly bitch, the sort of unpleasant know-nothing know-it-all who had a stupid, negative opinion of everything and a desire to voice it at every opportunity. This whole process was infuriating but then the bug shows up and projects holographic data on all the stuff he found. It was a massive index of every object in the house and what surfaces he found the energy signature. I was certain it would be objects that Kryptonian Steve had touched, because he was the one fucking around on Supes. (It even had the names of all the books it scanned including edition numbers.) So I give the thing to Superman but he’s in the middle of leaving, probably to go to a restaurant or something. I am confident he will look at its holographic database soon.

Another part of the dream involved a very attractive woman who was sleeping in this apartment that my entire family was staying in. She had pale white skin. I remember getting into bed with her and we started trying to have sex. Her body was strange – instead of nipples, she had vertical slits running down the center of her breasts. Her body was strange in other ways too, I think perhaps there was a slit running down the middle of much of her torso and possibly there was a line dividing her face in half too. I had trouble getting an erection. Anyway, the fucked up thing about this is that I learned later that she was actually related to me – perhaps even a sister – and my mom had seen us in bed together. Awkward!


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