coup by child soldiers


I was a commander of a military group of many young people. It felt like I was the teacher of a class, but we were all uniformed and our ‘classroom’ was in a sort of military tent loaded with computers and all kinds of electronic equipment. There was a problem arising that we did not have the means of solving – the military was not capable of addressing the issue, with its rigid hierarchy and rules. I had to go outside the rules. I decided to take the team rogue, but I could only do this by tricking them. I did not want to, but it was the only way. 

I said “hey, can everyone look over here for a second” and held my hands up with two rings on my finger. I hypnotized all the students who looked upon the rings and they fell asleep instantly. A soldier came in and shouted the order to move out. The students I had hypnotized into sleep got up and followed his orders, accordingly. The others who did not fall asleep remained, and grew suspicious, but were not outright resistant. They would be convinced/commanded regularly.

I remember one of my subordinates who was part of the conspiracy cuddling up to me and leaning her head on my shoulder, perhaps sensing my anxiousness about what would follow. “I hope they’re ready” I remember saying, in response.

(The ring hypnotism probably came from Itachi Uchiha, the character from the anime Naurto, who IIRC can hypnotise people who look at different parts of him, including his ring.)


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