I was a were-parrot! also: Stealth Boys, Frankenstein Texans, and a mysterious tower


There was a city on a plateau that became a very pointed cliff overhang on one side. Passing through that tip was a massive tower, which appeared to have been assembled randomly. It was dotted with doors, staircases, pillars, all kinds of things, made out of all kinds of materials. The town was much the same, though generally made of wood and ropes and things. Had the feeling of a desert island home built from flotsam and jetsam as seen in so many castaway movies.

I met a girl that I liked at some type of underground arcade. The arcade had the appearance of an ancient NASA mission command, with row upon row of interconnected computer terminals looking down at a big status screen. We, through the computer consoles, were both gambling but also controlling physical machines at the front/bottom of the facility, and I think these machines might have been bowling or manoeuvring balls in some way.

Speaking of a desire to have balls manoeuvred, I invited her home to my house. Her brother had to come along though – I have the sense that I was friends with him, and we were in a sort of grey area that it wasn’t certain if the girl knew I was interested in her or if we were just a bunch of friends hanging out.

I lived in a narrow student house with several other people. It turned into a minor party. While her bro was distracted by my roommates and their friends, I asked her if she wanted to go to my room. To my surprise, she said yes.

Then we were in class. It was in an outdoorish area that seemed to be in turn contained by a larger space. There was the vague semblance of structure to the class – a frame made of wood, with drapes and cloth and things arbitrarily running between them. There was a rather large adjacent structure that gave the suggestion we were in a food court of a mall, if a food court were constructed by cavemen and there was a shortage of building materials.

To impress the girl, who sat behind me, I decided to show off the fact that I was able to get birds to land on me. I could send mental suggestions to the birds to calm them and entice them. This would have worked great, except that after a series of small birds, I managed to attract a large, aggressive parrot. He bit my hand almost instantly, and then tore the thing off completely! Blood spurted everywhere, then my stump stretched and contorted and suddenly fingers started to grow back from the gaping hole. However, they were not human fingers. They became feathered. Soon I felt my entire body begging to transform. I was becoming a were-parrot!

I stood at the front of the class and stretched myself wide so as to clearly watch the transformation take effect on my limbs. I grew green feathers all over and my fingers began to elongate and my limbs change shape. My main concern was that I would look stupid. How could a were-parrot not look stupid? I asked this of the class. “No, you look cool.” said my ladyfriend, and this seemed to be the consensus. Before the transformation completed, I remember saying “At least I’ll still be able to speak.”

It was pretty neat, I got to fly around and everything.

Later on I was exploring the mysterious tower on the edge of town – which I could not enter, only climb up and down the steps surrounding the base of it, jump from pillar to pillar, etc. I saw this man, a sort of suited and cowboy-hatted Texan asshole with a build like Frankenstein and no hair to speak of. I observed him entering the tower via some sort of sliding door. This was troubling to me, he was up to no good.

Later, at the foot of the escalator of what now seemed to be like a massive mall built into a network of giant trees, my GF and her friend told me that she had just been insulted and threatened by this sinister figure. I saw him riding the stairs up to the higher level. They encouraged me to confront him. I started to call out to him, and then I decided against it. Instead I simply asked him if he knew me, to which he responded that I looked familiar.

It wasn’t cowardice. I am very brave. I thought I could be more effective at putting a stop to whatever he was up to if he didn’t think I had it in for him. I told my GF about my Stealth Boy. She said she heard they didn’t work. I told her that they are sometimes kinda wonky, but mostly I never used mine becasue they were so expensive. (This is partially true: In games, I tend to not use single-use items as much as possible, reflecting my frugal real-world personality.)

So I followed him up to the tower. He and some henchmen of his had entered an apartment in the tower. They were going to kill the residents, or perform some evil ritual on them after coraling them into the bedroom. He and one or two henchmen were in the main bedroom. I ascended the spiral staircase leading up to the big central room of the apartment, only to be instantly spotted by another henchman who was keeping watch. He had dreadlocks and a ball gag and did not seem all that human, seemed to be trying to hiss at me through his gag. I hit him in the throat with a pipe or golf club or somesuch, and he died instantly. Then I went into the kitchen with the intent of activating the Stealth Boy.

At this point I was shown myself from a perspective outside my own body, as if I was watching another person in a movie. I remember seeing that he was in his underwear and had all kinds of tubes and such taped all over his body, presumably to facilitate the Stealth Boy usage. I remember saying “Oh come on, why is he naked?!”

And the dream ended there because I was awoken by my roommate.


2 thoughts on “I was a were-parrot! also: Stealth Boys, Frankenstein Texans, and a mysterious tower

    • I’m not sure about that – I apparently have subscribers, but unless the dream involves zombies there’s rarely much liking going on (aside from yours).

      I am pretty sure you were the first to comment here ever, so wear the title of First Commenter with pride.

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