building an origami civilization in the rain forest


A pretty varied dream. A vary varied dream. Varily, a veriety. I was walking along with friends and suddenly was flying above it all, flying above the telephone lines. As I soared through the air I looked down to see endless fields in all direction, divided by an intermittent and inconsistent network of fences, lit by the setting sun. Often my unconscious has difficulty with scale in these sorts of situations, but the men I saw below appeared quite tiny, but scurried around at great speed. They were in grey uniforms with little caps that suggested to me somehow that they were Chinese, a sort of Chinese agricultural military. They were going to their living area at the end of the day of farming but appeared to move randomly, following each other in circles, getting confused, and the whole thing was a confused cluster with straight and curved lines of people moving off of it.

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irrelevant nonsense


I was reading a French rip-off of Calvin and Hobbes. Though derivative it was well written, and challenged the way the reader thought about possessions and other material things. Later I was at the movie theatre, waiting for the movie to load onscreen. A progress bar was projected on the screen indicating how far along the movie was in pre-caching, decompressing, downloading, spooling, whatever. Continue reading

a scientist studying reincarnation gathers evil minions to solve an ancient mystery


mad scientist and his gang of weirdosI was in a massive wooden apartment. It was an open concept affair, with multiple levels of floor a few steps higher or lower than the next. There was a hot tub. It was the home of two sisters. They were based mostly on SW (a female friend who I rarely see) and her sister (a person I have never met). I suspect that the form they took in the dream was also a composite of the sister duo of AG (ex girlfriend from college) and her sister GG. The duo in the dream was not particularly similar to either of the IRL inspirations, aside from the fact that they are all pairs of sisters who do not get along and may even hate each other.

(Trust me, it gets more interesting…)

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a (mildly) prophetic dream!


JS and I and some other girl (who was not our old co-worker SD, curiously) had been re-hired by C-company, a place I recently worked for until the company’s haemorrhaging of funds led to everyone being laid off. C-company was now being run out of a residential basement, much like W-company, which JS and I also worked for.

After a few days of not really having anything to work on or any clear goals, we were informed by TB (wife of owner, nice lady) that, as we could probably tell, the company already wasn’t working out so well and they would have to let us go. Continue reading

wasps in an ancient labyrinth


I was in a dark underground labyrinth, ancient and somehow organic feeling. I was in one sort of spherical room with a soft moist floor with pods growing out of the flood and from them, foot-tall wasps hatched when someone brushed against them too hard. This nest of wasps was the security system for this place, but their range of vision was minimal.

The sense of Greek mythology was strong, and it’s not clear to me why I feel this. Perhaps I was in the Greek underworld. I do believe that at some point I was on a team playing a game/battle against an opposing team in one of the dark chambers. Our side of the ‘board’ or ‘field’ was elevated above theirs, and they appeared to be witches and gorgons and other humanoid creatures hissing and calling out ot us. The game felt like a weird hybrid of volleyball (but with more people) and chess (but played with humans/humanoids instead of chess pieces).

when friends exterminate friends


I could fly. This is one of the few flight dreams that was straight up awesome through and through. I had a big, detailed city to fly through. It wasn’t the vague type of city that sometimes appears in my dreams, without any defining or memorable features. It also didn’t suffer from scale issues that sometimes crop up in dreams where I navigate large areas. I remember flying between high-rise buildings, seeing sunrise over the skyline, spotting graffiti, and generally enjoying my soaring adventures through a varied and interesting cityscape.

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses though. In this dream, my estranged friend/former roommate MH was trying to kill me. It was odd. He didn’t seem angry or hateful of me. He just thought I sucked and thought I should be destroyed. But he wasn’t particularly diligent about it either – he was content to let me float around this building he and his friends (and possibly his bandmates) were partying on the top floors of and get made fun of by he and they. They would say all kinds of things, like that I was shit and couldn’t do anything and no girl would ever love me and soforth. This might sound like it’s the dream of someone with low self esteem, but honestly while they were saying this stuff I kept thinking “well, that’s demonstrably untrue, so clearly these friends of his are dumb and have dumb opinions“.

To be honest I have no idea how he actually tried to kill me. I assume remotely through poison, but I don’t really know. His reasons are mysterious but I suspected they were related to his political philosophies and the fact that I had powers. (Maybe they were bad for the environment?) I felt safe enough hovering nearby and trying to defend myself somewhat and trying to convince him that I was alright (it bothered me that he had an opinion of me that apparently required him to try to kill me). MH was kinda a jerk, but not a mean-spirited one, so this whole thing seemed a little odd. A while back when I seriously pissed him off and hurt his feelings real bad, he never retaliated by being a dick or anything. So it was weird.

This part is insane and difficult for me to wrap my waking mind around: At one point I tried to convince him that I was ok because I thought up a new international passport standard. Instead of everyone having passports, I used my powers to teleport all passports into my possession, then sort them and then place them inside a single omni-passport that I then banished to another dimension. That passport could be referenced but never taken, because it didn’t exist.

Anyway, I would alternate between exploring the city and talking to him. One time when I was flying out over the city towards the sunset, I saw that giant skyscraper-sized Daleks were crawling across the city, decimating everything in their path, and converting all matter to armies of regular-sized Daleks that swarmed in legions beneath them.